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Useful Publications


Minnesota Sustainable Design Guide
The Minnesota Sustainable Design Guide educates and assists architects, building owners, occupants, educators, students, and the general public concerning sustainable building design.
Green Building Products
Here's a comprehensive directory of green building products for home building and remodeling featuring more than 1,600 descriptive listings for products from agrifiber panels to zero-VOC paints. All phases of residential construction are covered, from sitework to flooring to renewable energy. Products are grouped by function, and each chapter begins with a discussion of key environmental considerations and what to look for in a green product.


Building Research & Information
BUILDING RESEARCH & INFORMATION (BRI) is a leading international refereed journal focussed on buildings and their supporting systems. Unique to BRI is a focus on a holistic, transdisciplinary approach to buildings and the complexity of issues involving the built environment with other systems over the course of their life: planning, briefing, design, construction, occupation and use, property exchange and evaluation, maintenance, alteration and end of life. Published articles provide conceptual and evidence-based approaches which reflect the complexity and linkages between cultural, environmental, economic, social, organisational, quality of life, health, well-being, design and engineering of the built environment.
Building and Environment
Building and Environment is an international journal that publishes original papers and review articles on research, technology, and tool development related to building science and human interaction with the built environment, as well as their applications to building design and operation.
Energy Policy
Energy Policy is established worldwide as the authoritative journal addressing those issues of energy supply, demand and utilization that confront decision makers, managers, consultants, politicians, planners and researchers. Major articles cover a comprehensive range of topics from national energy pricing to energy efficiency potential in the domestic sector; from the politics of US energy policy to the economic evaluation of nuclear power; from the environmental impacts of fossil fuel use to energy demand management in developing countries.
Climate Policy
Climate Policy aims to address the broad spectrum of policy issues raised by the prospect of changes in the global climate, and by the need for mitigation of, and adaptation to, climate change. It seeks to provide a forum for the communication of research, analysis, review and discussion concerning any issue related to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol and the negotiation of associated policy instruments. The primary aims of the journal are to make complex, policy-related analysis of climate change issues accessible to a wide policy audience and to facilitate debate between the diverse constituencies now involved in the development of climate policy.
The Journal of Industrial Ecology
Journal of Industrial Ecology is an international, peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary quarterly designed to foster both understanding and practice in the emerging field of industrial ecology. The journal addresses a series of related topics: material and energy flows studies ("industrial metabolism"); dematerialization and decarbonization; life cycle planning, design and assessment; design for the environment; extended producer responsibility ("product stewardship"); eco-industrial parks ("industrial symbiosis"); product-oriented environmental policy; and eco-efficiency.
Environment International
Environment International covers all disciplines engaged in the field of environmental research. It seeks to quantify the impact of contaminants in the human environment, and to address human impacts on the natural environment itself. We recognize that scientific issues related to environmental health and human welfare are inherently interdisciplinary and, therefore, we welcome articles that cover the entire spectrum of sources, pathways, sinks and interactions between environmental pollutants, whether chemical, biological or physical. The primary criteria for publication are scientific quality and environmental significance.


Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Reports
The MA synthesizes information from the scientific literature and relevant peer-reviewed datasets and models. It incorporates knowledge held by the private sector, practitioners, local communities, and indigenous peoples. The MA did not aim to generate new primary knowledge, but instead sought to add value to existing information by collating, evaluating, summarizing, interpreting, and communicating it in a useful form.
Living Planet Report 
The Living Planet Report is WWF's periodic update on the state of the world's ecosystems. It describes the changing state of global biodiversity and the pressure on the biosphere arising from human consumption of natural resources.
Vattenfall -- Global Mapping of Greenhouse Gas Abatement Opportunities up to 2030: Buildings sector deep-dive: June, 2007 
Download this Vattenfall presentation on the building sector's effects on climate change. They discuss current emissions, BAU growth, abatement opportunities, implications and more.
DOE Energy Efficient Technologies for Buildings 
The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) report showcasing numerous energy-saving products and technologies.