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New York City's High Performance Infrastructure Guidelines
On October 3, 2005, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg signed Local Law 86, which will require many of the City’s new municipal buildings, additions, and renovations to achieve rigorous standards of sustainability. This legislation will apply to many of the Department of Design and Construction’s (DDC) upcoming and future projects.

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol
These guidelines explain how to quantify reductions in greenhouse gas emissions (referred to as “GHG reductions”) resulting from projects that either generate or reduce the consumption of electricity transmitted over power grids. They are designed as a supplement to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol for Project Accounting (“Project Protocol”), and as such are focused on practical and simplified methods for estimating GHG reductions.

Federal High Performance and Sustainable Buildings
This website provides the key information needed by Federal personnel to meet high performance and sustainable building (HPSB) requirements.

Sustainability presentation at Indoor Air 2016, Ghent, Belgium, 4 July 2016