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Microbiology of the Built Environment

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A one-stop for information on molecular methods to investigate the microbes found indoors.
Go to for a collection of information and resources for those concerned about the microbial ecology of the indoor environment. This is the web site of the microBEnet project funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Features work done with molecular (culture-independent) methods, and work done by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation's grantees in its program, Microbiology of the Built Environment.

Dominated by microbiology, but occasional useful posts about building  science albeit some conflation of the referenes to building science and architecture (a reflection of the "silo science" and the difficulty of cross-disciplinary collaboration).

In the interest of full disclosure as well as appropriate credit where due, I was funded by the Sloan Foundation through the microBEnet project grant to Univeseity of California, Davis, from late 2010 until mid-2013. Some of the posts bear my name.