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HB2015 Europe Sloan Symposium Videos

Support provided by a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Miia Pitkäranta "Molecular Tools & Microbial Ecology of Buildings - A Practitioner's View"

Jordan Peccia "Revolution/Evolution - DNA Sequencing To Identify Indoor Air Microorganisms"

Jeffrey Siegel "Moisture and the Indoor Microbiome"

Kristian F. Nielsen "Microbila Growth and Interactions on Indoor Surfaces - Microbila Secondary Metabolites and Mycotoxins"

Maria Nunez "Microbial Sampling in Building Surveys - What and Why are We Sampling"

Mark Hernandez "Optical Particle Recogntion for (Practical) Discrimiation Between Bioaerosol Classes"

Anne Hyvärinen "Assessment of Moisture and Mold Problems - the Finnish Example"

Martin Täubel "Quantitative PCR in Microbial Assessment of Indoor Spaces"

Tiina Reponen "Main Principles for Bioaerosol Sampling and Analysis"

Afternoon Worshop


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