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European Collaborative Action on Urban Air, Indoor Environment and Human Exposure Reports

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For more than 22 years now the European Collaborative Action ECA "Indoor Air Quality & It's Impact on Man" has been implementing a multidisciplinary collaboration of European scientist the ultimate goal of which was the provision of healthy and environmentally sustainable buildings.  To accomplish this task ECA is dealing with all aspects of the indoor environment including thermal comfort, pollution sources, the quality and quantity of chemical and biological indoor pollutants, energy use, and the ventilation processes which all may interact with indoor air quality.  The work of ECA is directed by a Steering Committee.

In this series the following reports have already been published.

  • Report No. 29: Harmonisation Framework for Health Based Evaluation of Indoor Emissions for Construction Products in the European Union Using EU-LCI Concept, EUR 26168 EN, 2013
  • Report No. 27: Harmonisation Framework for Indoor Product Labelling Schemes in the EU, EUR 25276 EN, 2012
  • Report No. 26: Impact of Ozone-Initiated Terpene Chemistry on Indoor Air Quality and Human Health, EUR 23052 EN, 2007
  • Report No. 25: Strategies to Determine and Control the Contributions of Indoor Air Pollution to Total Inhalation Exposure (STRATEX), EUR 22503 EN, 2006
  • Report No. 24: Harmonisation of Indoor Material Emissions Labelling Systems in the EU, Inventory of Existing Schemes, EUR 21891 EN, 2005
  • Report No. 23: Ventilation, Good Indoor Air Quality and Rational Use of Energy, EUR 20741 EN, 2003
  • Report No. 22: Risk Assessment in Relation to Indoor Air Quality, EUR 19529 EN, 2000
  • Report No. 21: European Interlaboratory Comparison of VOCs emitted from Building Materials and Products, EUR 18698 EN, 1999
  • Report No. 20: Sensory Evaluation of Indoor Air Quality, EUR 18676 EN, 1999
  • Report No. 19: Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) in Indoor Air Quality Investigations, EUR 17675 EN, 1997
  • Report No. 18: Evaluation of VOC Emissions from Building Products - Solid Flooring Materials, EUR 17334 EN, 1997
  • Report No. 17: Indoor Air Quality and the Use of Energy in Buildings, EUR 16367 EN, 1996
  • Report No. 16: Determination of VOCs Emitted from Indoor Materials and Products: Second Interlaboratory Comparison of Small Chamber Measurements, EUR 16284 EN, 1995
  • Report No. 15: Radon in Indoor Air, EUR 16123, EN 1995
  • Report No. 14: Sampling Strategies for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Indoor Air EUR 16051 EN, 1994
  • Report No. 13: Determination of VOCs Emitted from Indoor Materials and Products.  Interlaboratory Comparison of Small Chamber Measurements, EUR 15054 EN 1993
  • Report No. 12: Biological Particles in Indoor Environments, EUR 14988 EN, 1993.
  • Report No. 11: Guidelines for Ventilation Requirements in Buildings, EUR 14449 EN, 1992
  • Report No. 10: Effects of Indoor Air Pollution on Human Health, EUR 14086 EN, 1991
  • Report No. 9: Project Inventory - 2nd Updated Edition, EUR 13838 EN, 1991
  • Report No. 8: Guideline for the Characterization of Volatile Organic Compounds, Emitted from Indoor Materials and Products Using Small Test Chambers, EUR 13593 EN, 1991
  • Report No. 7: Indoor Air Pollution by Formaldehyde in European Countries, EUR 13216 EN, 1990
  • Report No. 6: Strategy for sampling Chemical Substances in Indoor Air, EUR 12617 EN, 1989
  • Report No. 5: Project Inventory
  • Report No. 4: Sick Building Syndrome - A Practical Guide, EUR 12294 EN, 1989
  • Report No. 3: Indoor Pollution by NO2 in European Countries, EUR 12219 EN, 1989
  • Report No. 2: Formaldehyde Emission from Wood-Based Materials: Guidelines for the Determination of Steady State Concentrations in Test Chambers, EUR 12196 EN, 1989
  • Report No. 1: Radon in Indoor Air, EUR 11917 EN, 1988