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ASTM WK17112 - New Practice for Practice for Emissions from Indoor Materials Including those Applied in Wet Form
Includes indoor air quality requirements related to emissions with special provisions for wet products to ensure healthy indoor air quality, requirements for testing of major interior building products for compliance with VOC emission limits; prerequisites for paints and adhesives; and, requirements for cleaning and maintenance products used prior to project closeout.
Criteria for Evaluating Programs that Assess Materials/Products to Determine Impacts on Indoor Air Quality
This report by Bruce Tichenor, describes and defines criteria to be used to evaluate assessment programs or methods that evaluate materials and products to determine their impact on indoor air quality and occupant health, with an emphasis on VOC emissions. Methods are presented showing how the criteria can be used to rate existing and future assessment programs. Emphasis is placed on programs leading to labels or certification. Throughout the report, relevant sources are referenced and where possible, Internet addresses are given for easy access to the cited material. Appendices are used to provide extra information and details.
ASTM STP 1287 - Characterizing Sources of Indoor Air Pollution and Related Sink Effects
STP 1287 features state of the art information from leading experts in the field on indoor air pollution sources and their potential interactions with indoor sinks. In addition to a comprehensive overview of source/sink characterization methods, there are 29 peer-reviewed papers.

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