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MIxS-BE: a MIxS extension defining a minimum information standard for sequence data from the built environment

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Create Date November 8, 2018
Last Updated December 18, 2018

Authors: Elizabeth M Glass, Yekaterina Dribinsky, Pelin Yilmaz, Hal Levin, Robert Van Pelt, Doug Wendel, Andreas Wilke, Jonathan A Eisen, Sue Huse, Anna Shipanova, Mitch Sogin, Jason Stajich, Rob Knight, Folker Meyer and Lynn M Schriml.

The composition of indoor microbial communities has the potential to profoundly affect human health. A number of factors within a building or room can alter the microbial abundance and diversity, such as occupancy, temperature and humidity, which in turn impacts indoor air quality. Researchers Hospodsky et al. (2012); Kembel et al. (2012) and Dunn et al. (2013) are exploring the intersection of microbial ecology, building materials and architectural design to understand microbial diversity and abundance within a building. Metadata (data describing data) provides an essential complement to experimental data, helping to answer questions about its source, mode of collection and reliability.