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CALL FOR PROPOSALS ANNOUNCEMENT for the Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Programme

Theme of the Call for proposals: Delivering on sustainable low-carbon lifestyles. Mainstreaming Low-Carbon Sustainable Lifestyles through innovative initiatives or upscaling of successful high-impact initiatives

Project proposals are invited in four types:

1. Micro scale: proposals for projects aimed at developing ideas that are still at infant stage; with project budgets under 50,000 US dollars;
2. Small-scale: proposals for projects to build partnerships with budgets between 100,000 and 200,000 US dollars
3. Medium scale grant (a): proposals for projects that will render high impact and with budgets up to 500,000 US dollars
4. Medium scale grant (b): proposals for implementation of activities contributing to the shift to Sustainable Lifestyles from Regional Roadmaps for Sustainable Consumption and Production with budgets up to 300,000 US dollars

Closing date:
For Micro-Scale Projects: 27th of December 2018.
For Small-Scale Projects, and Medium-Scale Projects: 10th of January 2019

Details at the link: