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The New Pharos & Product Decision Makin - How to use the New Pharos for Healthy Material Selections

How to use the New Pharos for Healthy Material Selections

The new Pharos Project launched on October 31, 2014 and included the first of many new features that will be rolling out regularly over the coming weeks. While we continue to add to and perfect the new version, here is what you need to know in order to use the new system to make healthy material sections today.


Where'd the scores go?


We've done away with our 10-point scale across multiple scoring attributes and replaced it with a single, colored indicator that is used throughout the system - on Building Product evaluations, Chemical & Material profiles, and on any material lists you create on your own dashboard.





These single points of comparison allow you to more quickly assess products, chemicals, and other materials based on the hazards posed by their chemical and material ingredients, and choose healthier options.


At this time, the color indicator in Building Product evaluation listings under the Content Hazard heading only communicates the hazards associated directly with the known final contents of the product and their likely residuals, and does not reflect hazards related to chemicals used in the product's manufacture.

So, how can I assess occupational hazards?



Chemicals and materials with hazards specific to an occupational setting have a wrench icon in their displays. Therefore, if you are concerned with hazards posed to factory workers and/or manufacturing communities, you should look for the wrench icon.


What are the codes in the GreenScreen column of Building Product evaluation and Chemical & Material listings?



Where GreenScreen full assessments have been completed and have been uploaded to Pharos, the GreenScreen benchmark (1-4) result of that review appears in that column. Where a GreenScreen full assessment has not been done or uploaded to Pharos, we have listed the GreenScreen List Translator

result which indicates if the chemical is known from lists to be a Benchmark 1 or remains to be assessed. Moving your cursor over the code in the column will activate a pop up window with further explanation.


What do the GreenScreen and Health Product Declaration (HPD) logos signify that I see next to chemical and material hazards?



Rolling over the GreenScreen logo pops up the Benchmark and/or List Translator data, including the specific health hazard endpoints identified.


The HPD logo indicates that the authoritative hazard list cited is one of the lists screened by the HPD. How a product looks in the context of an HPD is becoming increasingly important in the green building community - so we decided to include this bit of data to Pharos.

Did the manufacturer participate in these product reviews?



We're working on indicating in Building Product search returns where a manufacturer has participated in our reviews by providing product data, and where they haven't. In the meantime, you can see the level of manufacturer participation by clicking on the General tab of a product profile.


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