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Special Issue of Building Research & Information (BRI) is now published, "Counting the Costs of Comfort".

Based on the NCEUB 2014 Windsor Conference, a special issue of Building Research & Information (BRI) is now published, "Counting the Costs of Comfort". Sue Roaf and Fergus Nicol were the guest editors.

The issue is available at:

A large proportion of the operational energy used in buildings relates to the provision of comfortable, or at least acceptable, indoor environments. Forecasts for future climates (extreme weather and other pattern shifts) raise questions about the interactions between a changing climate and the provision of thermal comfort, e.g.assessments of vulnerability, how thermal comfort can be re-defined and how both inhabitants and the current / future buildings can be made safe. This special issue explores what it means for buildings to be designed or adapted for a future climate at an affordable economic and environmental cost. The emerging research presents several viable approaches and solutions to the provision of thermal comfort. A challenge now exists for professionals, clients and civil society to understand and translate these concepts into practice. 

List of articles
"Counting the costs of comfort"
S. Roaf, L. Brotas and F. Nicol

"Evolving opportunities for providing thermal comfort"
G. Brager, H. Zhang and E. Arens   

"Thermal pleasure in built environments: physiology of alliesthesia"
T. Parkinson and R. de Dear

"Perceived control in indoor environments: a conceptual approach"
R.T. Hellwig

"Urban social housing resilience to excess summer heat"
A. Mavrogianni, J. Taylor, M. Davies, C Thoua and J. Kolm-Murray

"Evaluation of cooling effects: outdoor water mist fan"
C. Farnham, K. Emura and T. Mizuno

"Personal heating: effectiveness and energy use"
J. Verhaart, M. Vesely and W. Zeiler

"Behavioural responses to cold thermal discomfort"
S. Gauthier and D. Shipworth

"Investigating the principal adaptive comfort relationships for young children"
D. Teli, P.A.B. James and M.F. Jentsch

"Adaptive thermal comfort in Australian school classrooms"
R. de Dear, J. Kim, C. Candido and M. Deuble
Free downloads
Three articles from the special issue are free to download:
Counting the cost of comfort (editorial) by Sue Roaf, Luisa Brotas and Fergus Nicol
Evolving opportunities for providing thermal comfort
by Gail Brager, Hui Zhang & Ed Arens
Thermal pleasure in built environments: physiology of alliesthesia by Thomas Parkinson and Richard de Dear 

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