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Meeting the 2030 Challenge Through Building Codes
Architecture 2030 has developed an interim system based on ‘code equivalents’, which are the additional reductions needed beyond the requirements of a particular code, standard or rating system to meet or exceed the initial 50% target of the 2030 Challenge. The paper also provides suggestions for ordinances that can be used to aid governments in amending their existing building code to incorporate these code equivalents.
Health Education Research: The pit and the pendulum: the impact on teen smokers of including a designated smoking area in school tobacco control policy
Thirty per cent of school districts in British Columbia do not ban smoking outright on school grounds, and in several instances, smoking is permitted in smoking pits, regardless of school district policy. While there is evidence to suggest that enforcing a tobacco-free environment for students does reduce adolescent smoking rates, the concomitant safety and discipline problems it creates for school staff and administration are demanding and complex, and may override concerns regarding student smoking. This study uses a qualitative approach to explore the meanings that students place on tobacco control policy and the impact that these meanings have on their own smoking behaviours. We found that students were surprised and concerned that smoking was permitted on school property and that it negatively impacted their own tobacco prevention/control/cessation attempts.
New Initiative Launched to Drive Energy Efficiency
The American Public Power Association (APPA) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) announced today a joint initiative designed “to help American households and businesses take advantage of all cost-effective opportunities to improve the efficiency of electricity use.”
Carbon Emissions Calculators for Air Travel and for Buildings
The coolest calculator on the web is for air travel.
New Study Compares Green Building Rating Systems to AIA's Sustainability Goals
Report Examines Green Globes, LEED NC 2.2, and SBTool 07 in Relation to AIA Position Statement on Green Rating Systems.
Must read! IPCC issues strongest report yet on human contribution to climate change
The United Nations International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued its strongest report yet on November 17.

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