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New Belgian Royal decree for floor covering products

The Belgian authorities approved last month a new decree on VOC emissions from construction products.

VOC emissions into indoor air

The regulation applies to all products used as flooring and includes coatings, varnishes, adhesives, screeds, support. A work is currently ongoing for extending this regulation to wall and ceiling coverings.

From 1st January 2015, every flooring material put on the market will have to present a “product emission file” demonstrating its conformity to the requirements of the Decree, based on earlier or new emission tests.

The regulation contains :
• Limit values for TVOC, TSVOC, CMR, acetaldehyde, toluene, formaldehyde after 28 days
• Limit values for VOC with a LCI (Lowest Concentration of Interest) value (R≤1).
• Limit values are those of the harmonized LCI values taken from JRC report 29 when available and those of Agbb if not harmonized.
• Testing method is the CEN/TS 16516 (future harmonized test method based on ISO 16000 series).

Following France (A+/A/B/C products labelling) and Germany (Agbb), this is the third national regulation in Europe on VOC emissions from construction products.

Combining its skills in air sampling and analysis with its know-how in material science, Certech provides a complete emissions characterisation as well as a full support for new products development.

Certech competences and services include:
Evaluation of the odours and chemicals (VOC, fogging), particles or microbiological compounds emitted by materials, based on the most recent standards.
•    Methods adaptation, customers-specific tests or development of customised tests
•    Chemicals risk assessment.
•    Selection of low odour and low emission materials complying with the latest regulations.
•    Remediation: formulation of low odour and low emission products.
•    Support to raw material suppliers and equipment manufacturers to develop products meeting the required new specifications
•    Technology and regulatory watch

Certech is accredited since 2013 for emissions testing according to ISO 16000-9, 16000-6 and 16000-3 and 16000-11 standards.  This accreditation is a quality approval of our testing methods.

For any information on VOC emissions from construction products, contact

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