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Information on State IAQ Laws and Policies— Environmental Law Institute

Have you ever wondered what your state’s IAQ laws or policies are? The Environmental Law Institute (ELI) has a wealth of information on how states are addressing long-standing and emerging indoor air quality (IAQ) issues.

ELI’s materials on IAQ are all available free at, ELI’s portal for its Indoor Environments and Green Buildings Program. From the portal, you can browse among general topics or choose a type of publication.

Topics—ELI materials are organized into five areas:


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                                            United States.

Schools/Child Care




      Green Buildings

Publications—The following materials cover a variety of IAQ issues:


Green map of the United

Database of State IAQ Laws—A broad compilation of laws updated annually.

Topics in School Environmental Health—Listings of state laws on the following school IAQ topics (updated periodically): mold, radon, carbon monoxide, building ventilation, integrated pest management, vehicle idling, green cleaning, IAQ during renovations and IAQ management plans.



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                                          capitol building.

Policy Briefs—Short descriptions of state policies addressing a range of topics (updated periodically): indoor chemical exposures (identifying and regulating priority chemicals); IAQ in rental dwellings; radon control in new home construction; green cleaning in schools; healthy, high-performance school construction; IAQ in nail salons; and air quality in indoor ice arenas.



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Research Reports—In-depth analysis and discussion of state policies and programs on a wide range of topics, from reducing environmental exposures in child care settings to addressing IAQ in energy retrofits.



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                                          presentation in a conference

State Program Profiles—Brief descriptions of innovative IAQ informational resources and programs developed by state agencies.

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