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Call for submissions: Sustainability Indicators for Renewable Energy Transition

In collaboration with Journal of Sustainability you are invited to submit papers to a new Special Issue on Sustainability in “Sustainability Indicators for Renewable Energy Transition."

Sustainable urban development is of great importance. Cities consume 75 percent of natural resources globally (materials, energy, water), produce 50 percent of global waste, and generate 60–80 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. European cities can improve their resilience and meet decarbonization targets by: (i) increasing the rate of retrofitting buildings to improve energy efficiency; (ii) enabling building and district scale renewable energy production; (iii) developing and restoring nature-based urban infrastructure; and (iv) delivering a shift towards clean mobility-as-a-service. However, global spending on basic infrastructure—transport, power, water and communications—faces a financing gap of $1 trillion annually (the global spend ought to be $3.7 trillion, whereas it is currently $2.7 trillion). Realizing these ambitions will, therefore, demand trillions of investments, as well as innovation in systemic thinking, governance and financing. This requirement for transformative change presents a significant opportunity for innovative and sustainable markets to emerge.

This Special Issue is focused on real-world case studies demonstrating solutions to overcome  above mentioned  challenge.

The deadline for submissions is 30 July 2018

More information on the scope of the special issue and procedure for submissions is available at:

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